Terms of purchase
and delivery

Placing an order

After adding the items to the cart, the order is finalized by proceeding to checkout and clicking “Place order”.

Order confirmation

After finalizing the order, you will automatically receive an order confirmation to the email address used when making the order. The order confirmation informs you that the order is being handled. If you don’t receive a confirmation, please notify us at spareparts@mychrome.fi.

Payment terms

All orders are paid through invoice. The invoice is to be paid net 30 days from the invoiced date.

Cost and freight

The delivery is handled by DHL or local postal services. The transportation costs are according to the delivery services’ price information at the time of purchase. In addition to the transportation cost, there is a 5 € packing and handling cost. In cases where the order’s weight exceeds 30 kg, the items will be delivered on a pallet, and an extra transportation cost will be added.

Delivery time

Items currently in stock are shipped as soon as possible after finalized order. Orders made before 11:00 GMT+2 are generally sent the same day, and orders placed later are dispatched the following day. Items not in stock are shipped as soon as they are restocked.

Terms of delivery

Orders with a value below 50 € net will get an additional cost of 5 €.


The prices on site may differ from the quotation price or order confirmation price. This is due to price increases or reductions from the suppliers and only applies to items which are not in stock and must be ordered.

Return & warranty

All our products include warranties. In warranty claims, the item must be returned for an investigation to be accepted. For an unapproved return, you will receive a credit invoice of 85 % of the item’s value. Transport and packing costs are not refunded.
In order to return an item, a return form must be filled out and attached with an order-specific return number. Contact us at spareparts@mychrome.fi to receive your return number. All items are to be returned to the following address:

Björneborgsvägen 2421
66260 Svarvar

Customer service

For any questions or concerns regarding the payment or delivery, our customer service is available between 8-16 on:
Tel. +358 50 353 2095