Here you’ll find all the vlogs in our designs and solutions
series exploring the wonderful world of pallet production

Pallet enthusiasts – here is something for you! Join our very first vlog episode and explore our Compact line to learn about the designs and solutions behind the different machines.

It’s time to explore the wonders of the Deck machine. Did you know that its nailing pattern is adjustable and that the machine’s clinching system is the first of its kind?

An excellent start for a more automated pallet production – the Kombi-Flex R-1000.

Get ready to cut some pallet blocks! In this episode, you get to explore the different elements of the block cutter OKKR-1000.

Next in line in our series – the leg machine OM-1500. Watch the episode to learn about block feeding and leg production.

Discover the secret to good-looking pallets and learn about the leg positioning system for the leg machine OM-1500.

A special episode for a unique pallet production line. Check out one of our biggest and most capable production lines to date!

Pallets get after-treatment? Yes, and there is a variety of options available. This is something you have to see!

The Tower stacker is back after 15 years! Watch the episode to learn about the new updates and why it was brought back.

Presenting the American line – a customized pallet line heading to North Carolina in the United States. This episode goes out to all of you who are interested in making long stringer pallets.