Custom-made metal components

Experience makes precision

We manufacture versatile metal components for the industrial sector. Our services include turning, milling, bending, welding and laser cutting. Whether you need one bolt or five hundred brackets, we’ve got your back! Our experienced and innovative team always aim to find solutions to any questions or complications you might have. For us, there’s always a way!


We perform high-quality turning both manually and with CNC in various metal materials. Our experienced metalworkers always strive for perfection and have your best interest at heart.
Our turning equipment:
Doosan Lynx 220LM + bar feeder + robot

Max diameter 300 mm
Max length 500 mm
Bar feeder 50 x 1500 mm

Daewoo Lynx (CNC-operated)

Max diameter 300 mm
Max length 350 mm
Bar feeder 50 x 3000 mm

Colchester 1500 (CNC-operated)

Max diameter 300 mm
Max length 1500 mm

2 pcs manual lathes
Our milling equipment:
Doosan DNM5700 (CNC-operated)
X1050 Y570 Z510
Johnford VMC-800 (CNC-operated)
X800 Y400 Z400
Fanuc Tape Drill Sr (CNC-operated)
X500 Y300 Z400
Manual mill
X800 Y300 Z400


We perform all types of milling both manually and with CNC. We provide you with cost effective and high-quality parts that requires drilling, tapping and light milling. Precision parts at a low cost!


Let us bend your metal components cost efficiently! We use the Durma CNC operated press brake for bending large metal sheets. The machine has a capacity of 80t x 2500mm. We bend various size metal sheets and hold machines that bend small parts as well.

Laser Cutting

Our automated laser cutting system produce precision metal parts from sheet and plate. We use Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber, a machine with cutting-edge laser technology. The machine is both time efficient and high performance, producing components with high accuracy at a lower cost.

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Small parts or large entities, our reliable welders fuse metal together with accuracy. Do you need a brand-new part or maintenance on an old sample, no worries, we’ll weld it!

Do you want more efficiency and less manpower?