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Information we collect

When using certain functions, some personal information is collected on our website. The information collected is described below.

Job application form

To send information via a form on the website, you must allow the information you provide to be processed in accordance with what is written in this document. Approval is given by checking the box that links to this privacy policy.

When visiting our website, an encrypted connection (HTTPS) is created between the website and the visitor’s browser. Therefore, any information submitted, for example, via a form, cannot be read by any unauthorized person when the information is transferred from the browser to the website.

Subscribe to our newsletter

If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, send your e-mail address to us through our website. The information submitted on the website cannot be read by anyone without permission when the information is transferred from the browser to the website.


Our website and third-party services store cookies in your browser if you have chosen to accept this. You can access the information on the website even if you have refused to store cookies, but some functions may not work as intended. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. Look in the help option on your browser to learn more about how to turn off cookies.

Google Analytics

Here you can read about the cookies that Google stores in your browser.

Visitor statistics

Provided that the visitor has given permission, we collect anonymous data to understand how the website is used. This helps us improve our services. The data is collected using Google Analytics; you can read more about this below.

How information is shared

Application form and subscribing to a newsletter

The information provided via the application form or sent to subscribe to our newsletter is not shared with any third party. Only a few are entrusted to read and process the information that visitors submit via the website.

When a user sends information, the entered information is transported over an encrypted connection between the browser and the website (HTTPS). The website then encrypts the information and stores it. The stored information from the website can only be read by those who have been entrusted with a login and an additional password for decryption.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to keep statistics about our visitors. Google Analytics creates a visitor profile by collecting anonymous information, such as what browser is used and which type of device is used.

Google Analytics collects no information that could identify you personally.

Please read Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to learn how they use the information we share with them.

Google Analytics is only active if the user permitted us to store cookies in the browser.

Google reCAPTCHA

We use Google reCAPTCHA security services on our website to make sure that bot traffic is excluded and to monitor website traffic. This means that Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use apply.

How long collected information is stored

The information collected via the contact forms is stored on the website for at least one (1) year.

The user has full control over their information

The user has full control over their information. This means that at any time, you have the right to request an account of what information about the user we possess. You also have the right to request that the information stored is deleted.

To make any of the above inquiries, please contact:
Peter Piispanen
+358 50 3532 095

How collected information is protected

We have taken steps to ensure that all information collected cannot end up in the hands of unauthorized persons. The software that runs the website is continuously updated to address any security flaws immediately. The traffic between the visitor’s browser and our server is at all times encrypted.